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About us

Everyone’s A Singer

What we do…

At Everyone’s A Singer we support the community with exploring their love for singing and songwriting through Singing workshops, singing for Wellbeing sessions, Songwriting and music industry classes. We run workshops and events online and in-person with experienced tutors and industry professionals.

We care about the community exploring their voice and songwriting to support Creativity, Culture, Health and Wellbeing.

The Songwriters Hub 

The Songwriters Hub is a growing network of 12,000+ Music Makers whose goal is supporting music makers with achieving success at every stage of their songwriting career.

We welcome music makers at all stages of their career from aspiring to full time musicians.

The Hub

Our Goals

  • Empower the community through developing their voice through singing and songwriting workshops
  • Support the community with ACCESS to Singing lessons
  • Support Music Makers with developing their Careers
  • Membership for Music Makers to connect, stay inspired and develop their craft
  • Explore and document the generational impact of music and songwriting on Cultural Health and Wellbeing.

Our Values

  • Explore creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Listening to different voices
  • To act for the greater good of the community
  • Empowering Creatives and cultural practitioners

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